How to optimize the weight of your backpack

Image How to optimize the weight of your backpack

It is sometimes stressful to bring a bag if it is poorly packed. The reason is, you don't really know how to manage it well. Many people don't really know how to organize their backpack before leaving for a travel. There is a better method to help you pack your bag to avoid tiredness and stress during your trip. The method will help you optimize the weight of your backpack.

The backpack should be convenient to the gear

  •  The first thing is to know the size of the backpack. It is not appropriate to overload your bag. Make sure the weight is proportionate to the backpack size. You need then a backpack with right size to hold all your needed equipment for the trip. 
  • You can also choose the one with many small pockets around it for the cards, purses, and other tools. 
  • Finally, remember short trip does not need much luggage.

Pack light

You should make a plan. Don't bring less used items or clothes. Make sure you load the most important gear in your bag. You have to scrutinize each item so you can see whether it is really necessary for the travel all over your destination.

For example, you can choose some of your fancy clothes that you have to wear in particular for events or unusual places. You may be able to buy other small and cheap items in your destination. In addition, leave hair dryers, irons and other accessories at home, in fact they are available in the hotel. And decide whether you really need several pairs of shoes.

Make your clothes and items well-flattened in the backpack

The next method is to arrange your gear well. Don't mess up your things. The clothes should be well-folded in the bag. The same with other items and documents. This is to save more space and keep the gear in a good shape. Put accessories that you may need in unanticipated ways in the extra pockets of the backpack.

The things that are usually used should be put at the upper edge of the pocket opening. Do the opposite for less used things. For example, your sleeping clothes are those which you used at the end of the day.

The same with the sleeping pad. So you can load them at the bottom of the pack. This is to avoid putting your things in disorder when you reach the backpack. All this method is also to keep the clothes from wrinkling.

Traveling and booking

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