Best items to take in your backpack to travel

Image Best items to take in your backpack to travel

Backpacking is a cheap style of a travel. Backpackers stay long at their destination country, and spend as little money as possible. While on the spot, backpackers discover a new place, see the sights and trek through major tourist destinations. Besides, they meet local people and make new friends in the host country.

Backpackers are characterized by their backpacks which are often packed with a sleeping bag, one or two clothing items, and other useful items. They may also bring a tent in order to have the cheapest accommodation. Backpackers might also bring a light gas stove, a pot, a dish and a spoon to allow them to cook their meal while trekking in faraway places.

A first time backpacking trip is challenging in many ways, for example regarding the means of transportation, the cheapest accommodations, and meals. If you are going on your first backpacking trip, you might wonder what to pack in your backpack. Here are 10 items to put in your backpack.

The best items to pack ­

  • A compass: Finding the trail on the map is one thing; but knowing the north and the south is another challenging task. To avoid being disorientated, use a compass with your map to correctly find your trails. ­
  • A detailed map of the destination country: All the backpacking trails should feature in the map with the place names. You can buy one at the local Office of Tourism. On the other hand, if you browse your destination on Google Earth, you will have a detailed map of the backpacking trails, with or without the place names. ­
  • Safety matches or a lighter: You will certainly need to make a fire while trekking and sleeping in the mountains. So, do not forget these essential items. ­
  • A flashlight: It is essential to bring a flashlight, to watch lemurs and other nocturnal animals, or just to get around at night. ­
  • A raincoat: If you backpack in the forest, it is often humid. Check the weather forecast before leaving for your backpacking destination, because you might even bring an umbrella. ­
  • Zip-style plastic bags: If you backpack in a rainforest, you have to store food items, medicine, and other items in plastic bags. Bigger plastic bags are also necessary to keep your clothes. ­
  • First aid kit: Do not forget to bring basic health care like alcohol, sanitary pads, band-aid, cotton wool, and disinfectants. ­
  • Mosquito lotion: Do not forget this essential item; otherwise, you may not be able to keep your hands from scratching from mosquito bites while staying overnight in the mountains. ­
  • A Swiss knife: It is essential for peeling fruits, vegetables, and for other purposes. ­
  • A solar-powered power bank: It is quite useful to charge your phone while backpacking far from the city where electricity is unheard of.

More practical tips to arrange a backpack trip

Backpacking is a real adventure, and it is really fun to go backpacking especially if you go with a group of friends. Finding a cheap backpacking destination and an affordable hostel are the hardest parts of a backpacking trip.

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