Backpack travel : a life philosophy !

Backpack travel : a life philosophy !

You want to visit the world, walk around the country and discover life elsewhere than at the corner of your street. You have the opportunity to make a travel booking where everything is organized, everything is framed and where you will have no surprises.

But what if you were told that there is another style of travel that will allow you to discover the country far beyond the limits: backpack travel. More than just a bag to put your stuff in, Backpack travel is a real travel mode.

A philosophy with many virtues

Are you still hesitating? Here are the main advantages of traveling on backpack style: ­

  • The backpack makes everyday life easier. Traveling with a backpack means freedom because you can go where you want with your hands free, while a usual travel bag is very restrictive and limits your movements: between desert roads, beaches, national parks, you will be very limited when traveling with a suitcase, for example. ­
  • No program, no constraints. You can go where you want when you want. There are no time constraints. If you do not like a place, you just change and you go elsewhere. Not having a program will allow you to organize and reorganize as many times as you want. ­
  • Sleep under the stars. If you cannot find a place to sleep, you just have to pitch your tent outside or get out your sleeping bag and you can have a wonderful night wherever you are. Of course, such thing is only possible in some seasons (you have to check the weather before leaving, make sure it is not winter to avoid bad surprises and waste your dream trip).

Top 3 backpack destinations

Here are 3 ideal destinations for the backpacker who wants to save money, meet travelers at youth hostels, travel by public transport and maybe even find a small seasonal job! ­

  1. Bolivia, known for its breathtaking landscapes, Bolivia is one of the world capitals of varied scenery! With a strong emphasis on ecotourism, traveling with a backpack is the best and easiest way to marvel when visiting Bolivia. ­
  2. New Zealand, great outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the terrain and subtropical forests of New Zealand. New Zealand has hundreds of backpacker-friendly hostels eager to meet other travelers. ­
  3. Argentina, this destination offers travelers beautiful landscapes, be it the mountains of the Andes, the steppes of Patagonia or the Atlantic coastline. Ideal for backpackers, the Andes cordillera will appeal to trekkers and hikers. In addition to being a relatively cheap destination, backpackers can enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Argentineans.

The nomadic life is waiting for you

A fashionable way of travel for the adventurous, backpack travel is a must-try at least once in a lifetime. And to chopper the best destinations for this, nothing better than taking a glance at eDreams. This online travel site will offer you the best hotels but also flights to get to the destination of your dreams. All this at the eDreams price, highly competitive offers.